Hi! Hola! Nihao!

My name is Marcelina, 23. I have Polish passport, but I consider myself rather a global citizen.

When I was a child I spent some time at my grandma’s home. Apart from giving me enormous amounts of food, she was sharing stories about her travels, which she experienced working as a tour guide. She opened for me the fascinating world while we were studying maps together to various geography olympiads, what became my favorite subject at school.

I always wanted to know distinct points of view and different perspectives. Whenever I have an opportunity to try something new, I will use it. I love long walks and talking to people. However, sometimes remaining silent and enjoying the moment is better. The attribute that describes my character in the best way is spontaneous. I don’t have many plans. I like going there, where the wind blows me and letting life to lead me. I believe in my good intuition.

My traveling obsession impacts my life a lot. To have the ability to work remotely and could find a job all over the world I became the IT engineer. Currently living in the beautiful city of Wrocław. So far I visited 30 countries, what unfortunately does not mean that I explored them 100%. And living in 3 countries – Poland, Spain (Barcelona) and China (Shanghai area).

Craving new experiences and adventures.